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Puppy Coin – Launch on 08/04/2022

Get ready for signature campaign, free airdop, community bountys

Puppy Coin (PUPPY) is a cryptocurrency made with love for all the puppys and owners in the world. Spread love and get some free PUPPY. We decided to use a POW/POS Scrypt hybrid with last POW block mined on block 201600. The last POW block should be mined ~70 days after the launch. Feel free to contact us on, most informations will be put there and on the website.


available soon


available soon


available soon


available soon

Coin specifications

  • Blocktime: 30s
  • End POW: Block 201600
  • Scrypt POW/POS
  • Reward: 1,000,000 PUPPY
  • Halving: 20160 blocks
  • End POW: Block 201600
  • Premine (90% for Airdrop/community bountys): 30,000,000,000 PUPPY
  • Aidrop: 27,000,000,000 PUPPY
  • Airdrop: 84 days, 321,428,571 PUPY/d